The Russian editor and political analyst Darja Dugina has died after a car exploded outside Moscow late on Saturday evening. That’s what the Russian state news agency Ria Novosti writes. She is the daughter of the well-known Russian ideologist Aleksandr Dugin. Denis Pushilin, who leads the Russian-friendly separatist movement in Donetsk in Ukraine, says “terrorists from the Ukrainian regime” are behind the explosion, and that the actual target of the attack was Aleksandr Dugin. A video has been posted on Telegram that seems to show the aftermath at the place in question. Wreckage is strewn in the road. There is also a picture on social media of what appears to be a very upset Aleksandr Dugin. The explosion took place in the Odintsovo district, which is located in Moscow Oblast. The 29-year-old daughter is among the many Russians who have been sanctioned by Western countries in the form of frozen funds and denied entry after the Russian invasion. She is one of the editors-in-chief of the website United World International, which Britain has described as a website that “promotes pro-Russian disinformation”. The British government described her in April as a “frequent and high-profile” source of “disinformation about Ukraine and the Russian invasion of Ukraine on several online platforms”. The USA, Canada and Australia have also sanctioned her. Chief ideologue Dugin has been regarded by some as the ideological mastermind behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and as a close adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it is unclear exactly how close their relationship is. He has been head of department at the Department of Sociology for International Relations at the University of Moscow, has worked as, among other things, a lecturer, politician and TV commentator. In addition, he has published a long series of books. The best-known book is “Osnovy geopolitiki: geopoliticheskoe budushchee Rossii” from 1997, in Norwegian “Fundamentals of geopolitics: Russia’s geopolitical future”. In the book, he outlines what tactics Russia should use to rebuild itself as a global power factor, writes CBS. He writes that Russia must use disinformation, destabilization and annexation, a recipe Putin has adopted. According to Dugin, one of the targets for annexation should be Ukraine. In the book, he writes that Russia, which lies between Europe and Asia, is not compatible with the West’s liberal democracy and the associated values. The dream of empire Instead, Dugin believes that Russia should aim to unite Europe and Asia into one giant empire under the control of ethnic Russians. The philosophy is often called neo-Eurasianism. According to Dugin, one obstacle on the way to empire is an independent Ukraine. – Ukraine, as an independent state with territorial ambitions, poses an enormous danger to the whole of Eurasia, and, without solving the Ukrainian problem, it is meaningless to talk about continental politics, he writes in the book according to CBS.


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