– We want to show the residents that we want to save energy. That’s according to Tor-Arne Fjogstad, energy engineer in Stavanger municipality. – In this day and age, we really have to turn off the taps where they are leaking, he says. Tor-Arne Fjogstad hopes this gives the residents the desire to save more energy. Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / news Changing light bulbs Stavanger municipality has 27,000 street lights. So far, more than half of the street lights have been given new light bulbs to reduce the electricity bill. – We halve the electricity consumption on all municipal streets just on street lights, says Eirin J. Berg. She is an adviser for lighting in Stavanger municipality, and says that they have seen a clear difference in electricity consumption. Eirin J. Berg says that they are replacing old light bulbs with LED bulbs. Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / news – It has gradually decreased as we have replaced it with LED, she says. Turn off the lights at night The municipality has a meeting every week where they discuss electricity saving measures. – We must switch off or dim the lights heavily on municipal roads at night, says the councillor. This happens when there is little traffic and few people out. Several thousand of the lampposts in Stavanger municipality are now fitted with LED bulbs. Photo: Odin Omland / news – It will primarily be hiking trails and hiking areas that will be switched off first, says Berg. The regulation takes place in close dialogue with the police with a view to security. – Something is missing The residents of Stavanger think it is sad that the fountain has been turned off. – It’s strange to walk here without her on, says Monica Haga. – It’s a shame, but I understand the reason, says Joakim Gunnar. But they understand that the municipality must also save electricity. For energy engineer Fjogstad, turning off the fountain is preferably symbolic, but he believes that all mones drag. – This certainly triggers others to also save energy, he says. This is a sight visitors and residents of Stavanger won’t be able to see for a while. Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / news


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